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Educational Support and Events

Hartigan’s bi-annual Technical

Conference, a one-day, multiple

speaker event is the keystone of an aggressive education program which brings new and innovative ideas to the electrical power industry. 


Hartigan is the only Manufacturers' Representative

firm in the market who provides

this advanced technical program.

Between conferences Hartigan

continually brings seminars and

workshops to the market.

Marketing and Merchandise Support

Hartigan regularly publishes and distributes key product information and specifications to support each manufacturers’ products. These publications coupled with state of the art software are used to constantly keep our customers informed of new producs and events in thier area.

HPE's Tech Conference - September 19th, 2023!! You don't want to miss it! 

Registration is open!




Multiple lines organized for

maximum ease of use


The Hartigan line card expresses

the scope of a product package

which is carefully constructed for

maximum efficiency.

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