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Power sacks are STILL being distributed to Kids during this time!

The kids need help more than ever! Please take a few minutes to learn more. 

Join Hartigan Power Equipment in the fight against childhood hunger in Colorado

Food for Thought Denver

     click above to learn more about this amazing organization

During the school week, children from low-income families in Denver receive free and reduced lunches at school. Often the lunch they receive at school on Friday is the last meal they eat until they arrive back at school on Monday. Teachers and Principals report that many students come to school on Monday mornings hungry, complaining of stomachaches, headaches and unable to focus and learn. Food For Thought Denver strives to eliminate this problem by providing a PowerSack to each student to take home for the weekend.

                                                              Food For Thought; the approach

During the school year, we provide each student with a PowerSack to take home every other weekend. Each PowerSack has 9-13 items, enough to feed a family of four 2 meals. FFT targets schools where 90% or more of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch programs (income of a family of four is less than $29K/year to qualify). Because we give every student a PowerSack, many of the barriers that traditionally interfere with distribution are removed. We encourage community tables and food pantries the schools we serve to help make sure that no food is wasted and those who need food the most have access to extra or unwanted items.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Food For Thought!  Each week, more than 100 volunteers help pick-up, pack and deliver PowerSacks to the children we serve.

                                                                                   Volunteer opportunities  

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